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Healthy eating is good for health and vitality. Everyone agrees about that. The tricky question is - what is health food? Much more difficult to answer ...

Researching, preparing, serving and eating healthy meals has long been high on my agenda. When I trained as a medical herbalist, I felt I wanted to take the things I learnt a step further - from the pharmacy through the kitchen and into the middle of everybody’s everyday life - making natural health as easily accessible as possible.

Having spent 20 years on that path, I have come across many people of different persuasions, ages, backgrounds and countries, and in all sorts of states of health, wealth and well-being, leading me to the conclusion that healing is not only about know-how but also very much about know-why.



“People ascribe the greatest healing power to drugs that have come from farthest away, drugs that cost the most. In my long experience I have come to believe that people go to the ends of the Earth to look for something they could find right on their doorstep. If only we could learn to trust Nature" -

French herbalist
Maurice Messegue, quoted from his book Of People and Plants